01. Company Information

We were proudly presents our products & technologies to local market as well as world wide.
Not only 'stand-alone' DVR but also with our own unique skills and thanksfully adopt to new multimedia devices for business and end-user's home.


02. R & D History in Brief

Multiplexer Board Development (for Philips)
PC DVR capture card Development
PC DVR compression card(wavelet codec) Development
Embedded DVR platform Development
Modified FAT file system Development
Duplex 4ch stand-alone DVR Development
SYSTEC Embedded 1,4 chs Simplex DVR Release (SD-1001,1004)
TCP/IP Network Solution Development
MNS server Development
Dynamic to dynamic Network Solution Development
SYSTEC Embedded 1,4chs Simplex & Network DVR Release(SD-1001L,SD-1004L)
Viechle DVR Model SD1001C Release
5.25” HDD Bay Portable DVR Model SD1001H Release
IR, PS2 mouse, USB host Driver Development
Triplex 4,9,16ch Model SD20xxT series Release
4,9,16 LCD Combo DVR Board Development
Underway of Market Release Preparation : 3rd quarter of 2006
MPEG4 Triplex 4,8,16ch Embedded DVR & 16ch PC DVR REAL TIME RECORDING


03. Business Strenght in Brief

Develop new OEM business
Integrated new Embeded DVR system with own unique technologies
Embedded DVR's optimized Device Driver Development
File System Development
Multi Processor Control Technology
microprocessor, 32bit risk processor, DSP, FPGA Design Technology
Own All technology required for DVR ( mechanic, hardware, software )